The Art Cottage Policies

We sincerely appreciate you enjoying your time with us! To help create a positive experience for everyone, these policies have been created.


Class Enrollment Policy

By reserving a spot in our classes, you agree to pay tuition despite the ability to attend.  In order for us to offer such low rates for our monthly classes, we require enrollment for at least one calendar month. Please notify us if you wish to cancel your enrollment, billing will continue until notification is received. No show and non-payment are not an indication of intention. 

Cancellation Policy

It is your responsibility to notify us of cancellation. No show and no contact will not automatically cancel your class reservation. If a student elects to drop enrollment from his/her class, he/she will lose all applicable discounts, will no longer hold a spot in his/her preferred class, and will be subject to drop-in rates (see Drop-In Policy) until he/she signs up for a permanent ongoing class.  Please email to cancel any classes. 

Make-Up Policy 

Children's Mixed Media Class Make-Up Policy

The Art Cottage™ offers one art project in each Children's class throughout a week. All make-up classes must be completed during the same week. Because of limited space in youth classes the parent/guardian must call in to schedule all make-up classes.

Watercolor/Oil/Acrylic Make-Up Policy

All class make-ups must be completed within one week (before or after) of any class that is missed. No credits or reimbursements will be applied to student accounts for missed classes (see Credit Request Policy).  All make-up classes must be scheduled with management before class begins so accurate attendance can be recorded.


Unfortunately, our courses, workshops and camps are not available for make-ups. Please ensure before starting the workshop or course that attendance can be secured so you can make the most of your class.


Missed Class Credit Policy

The Art Cottage™ provides budget friendly tuition with additional optional discounts. All of our class sizes are very small with personal attention given to students. We would be required to raise tuition if we could not consistently collect revenue from our limited seating. We provide a very liberal make-up policy but cannot offer credits towards classes. When students sign up they understand their obligation to make plans to attend as many regular scheduled classes as possible and accept the consequence of underutilizing our make-up policy.



No missed class credits will be given for illness, vacation or hardship reasons. Any classes that cannot be made up within the allotted time frame (see Make-Up Policies above) will be forfeited by students.

Class Drop-In Policy

A drop-in student is any student who requests to have the flexibility to choose the times and number of days during the month to attend class. These students will not be assigned to any regular reserved class. All students who elect to remain in “Drop-In” status will not be able to take advantage of any discounts, and will pay a drop-in class rate.  All students understand that availability of space in classes is subject to the discretion of The Art Cottage™. Students may be subject to last minute confirmation of available space in desired class requested. Drop-in students will normally not be accepted until 24 hours prior to the requested class.

Class Refund Policy

No refunds 

Maturity & Behavior Policy

The Art Cottage™ reserves the right to require additional parental/guardian support in cases of maturity or behavioral situations. Class age requirements may be flexible on a trial basis; ability and/or willingness to follow class instruction will be monitored by teachers and discussed with parents/guardians. The Art Cottage™ reserves the right to terminate and refund tuition for students with behavior problems that disrupt other students in enrolled classes, or other classes held at the same time.

Parents/guardians understand that the stairs are to be used to access the classroom, and stools are used to provide a comfortable platform for enjoying projects-misuse of facility property is the responsibility of the teachers to bring to the attention of parents/guardians. The parent/guardian responsibility is to ensure the behavior problems end.  


Special Needs Policy

Parents/guardians may be required to be enrolled with students to provide the needed assistance to allow teachers to effectively service all other students within the class, and to give adequate space for the parent/guardian to interact with the student.  If parent/guardian permanent assistance is needed, the parent/guardian will be required to pay for two students (two seats), all applicable and/or chosen discounts will be applied to their account. Any student needing complete one-on-one attention will be subject to individual instruction rates and available times and dates may be offered for classes with the individual student.