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Mixed Media - Children's Art Class

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
4-5pm or 5-6pm 

10-11am or 11-12pm

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up"
Pablo Picasso

On-going Monthly Subscription (Cancel at anytime)

1 Hour Classes only $58 + $5 supplies/month (Once a week for 4 weeks)


Drop-in for only $18 (1 hr) Subject to available space. 

Skill: Beginner

Ages 6 - 11

Weekly Mixed Media Experience


Young students from ages 6-11 will have the opportunity to experience

creating their own artwork through a variety of different mediums such as, colored pencils, watercolor, acrylic paint, pastels, markers, or crayons, etc. This is a wonderful exploration into famous artists’ styles and techniques. They will also discover new ways to color or paint a picture or create a piece of art that uses nature materials such as sand, stones, papers or clay.

At the beginning of each class, they will sketch an object along with the instructor, perhaps an animal, a bird, or a plane, etc., and then continue the hour with completing a project using planned mediums for the week. This class is focused on giving the young student the opportunity to express themselves through art as they mature and grow. The following are examples of artwork the student may create in our Mixed Media Class –a time to discover and experience!

Project examples.png
What is mixed media.JPG
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