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Gelato & Sorbetto

Come in and enjoy our local favorite artisan Gelato and Serbetto. Hand crafted  here in Salt Lake City since 2004. Come enjoy new flavors every week. We include Gelato and Serbetto in all of our Paint Parties. We also have discounts for Birthday Parties and Events. Our students also get a 25% discount to enjoy Gelato while painting and enjoying our fun and inspiring art classes here at Gardner Village! 

  • 60% Less fat than American Ice Cream.

  • 70% Less air, making it much more dense and satisfying.

  • 100% more flavor because we use only fresh fruits and ingredients.

  • Come taste for yourself and you will be hooked for life.

Catering Your Next Event

Please ask about how we can arrange for catering your next wedding or party event. We offer on-site top quality Gelato at an affordable price.

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