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Workshops & Plein Air Camps

Minimal Easter Art Workshop Event Instagram Post.png

Plein Air painting is creating art outdoors and capturing the essence of a scene in its natural light and surroundings. For 3 back to back days from 9am-noon artists will immerse themselves in the beautiful atmosphere at Gardner Village, translating the beauty of their surroundings directly onto their canvases.


Bring your own paints; either oils, acrylics, or watercolors and come learn the traditional techniques of the old Plein Air masters!

This will be an intensive workshop for intermediate artists ages 13 and up.  Artists will learn the traditional techniques of Plein Air painting as well as the rules of a good composition, color mixing, values, perspective, and how to work quickly with confidence. 

-Each day is 3 hours long with a 30 minute lunch/snack break. Students will be required to bring all their own supplies, food, and water bottles.

Calligraphy Workshop.png

Come explore the beautiful art of calligarphy at our Calligraphy workshop! Learn the techniques of classic lettering and explore different styles of hand lettering at The Art Cottage. All supplies included.

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