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Drawing Classes

Drawing - Beginning Course#1

$129.99 / Course

1hr Once a week for 4 weeks

Skill: Beginner

Ages- 11 and up 


Learn the fundamentals of drawing in a warm, fun atmosphere. This course will prepare you for all of our other painting courses, including oil painting and watercolor. Have you ever wanted to put an idea in your head on paper, but can't get it to look the way you want? This drawing class will give you easy-to-use tools to bring your ideas to life. Together we'll learn the drawing basics of observation, shapes, contour, and proportion. Combined, you will finally be able to leave behind stick figures and draw what you see.

Supply list:

1. Pencil Drawing Set

2. Charcoal Pad - 9" x 12"

3. Kneaded Eraser 

4. Charcoal sticks (Hard, medium, soft)

5. Sharpie Ultra Fine Point (black)

Starter kit available for $24.99 + tax

Drawing1 (d).png

$59.95 / Workshop

2hr class one time

Skill: Beginner

Ages- 14 and up 

AC Organic Sketching.jpg

Drawing - Workshops

$72 On-going Monthly Subscription (Start or Cancel at anytime)

1hr once a week 

Ages 11 and up

Beginning Drawing Course#1 or similar experience (teacher review)

If you've taken the beginning Drawing or Anime course, enroll in Drawing - Open Studio to continue building your drawing skills. In this class you will pick your own subject material to draw from. This is a great opportunity to practice the skills you've learned in your formal courses with the instructors help. There is no structured lesson curriculum, just time to work on your own projects and get the one-on-one tutoring you need.

Drawing - Open Studio

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