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Oil Painting

On-going Monthly Subscription 

(Start or Cancel at anytime)

2 Hour Classes only $72/month (Once a week for 4 weeks)

Skill: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Ages 10 and up


4:30-6:30pm (2hr) Ages - 11 and up 

6:30-8:30pm (2hr) Ages - 16 and up


6:00-8:00pm (2hr) Ages - 16 and up

Students bring own canvas and supplies.

Starter Kit – Oil Painting

  1. Oil painting brushes

    1. A medium sized fan brush.

    2. One large flat brush (this is for quickly and efficiently covering your canvas when needed).

    3. A few small to medium filbert brushes.

    4. A few small to medium flat brushes.

    5. A few small to medium round brush.

    6. (Make sure any brushes you buy say they are made for oil or acrylic paint. Do not use watercolor brushes for oil paints.) 

  2. Oil paints

    1. Titanium White Paint 1.25 oz

    2. Cobalt Blue 1.25 oz

    3. Burnt Umber 1.25 oz

    4. Cadmium Red 1.25 oz

    5. Permanent Alizarin Crimson 1.25 oz

    6. Brunt Sienna 1.25 oz

    7. French Ultramarine 1.25 oz

    8. Yellow Ochre 1.25 oz

    9. Cadmium Yellow 1.25 oz

  3. Other items

    1. Palette Knife #12

    2. Silicoil jar (or small mason jar with lid for brush cleaner)

    3. Odorless brush cleaner (Turpenoid) 4 oz.

    4. Liquin 2.5 oz

    5. 8 x 10 canvas

    6. Pencil

    7. Grey Matters Paper Palette 

    8. Optional: small bottle of Dawn dish soap (or similar) 


Or purchase in store for $139


Learn the basic principles of working with oils, tools and oil painting techniques. This is a "One on one" experience with an instructor in a fun class room environment.  Learn at your own pace and skill level. Choose your own subject matter to paint from. 

Example eye study in class:

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