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Our Instructors



(Oil Painting/Charcoals/Drawing/Watercolor)


Bonnie Merrill




Our Head Teacher and resident artist, Bonnie has over 30 years experience painting and 5 years teaching at prestigious art schools. She is also an expert designer having worked with many prominent stores as a designer and buyer. She has had her artwork in many galleries and art shows since 1995.


Chris is a classically trained artist with over 40 years of professional Art and Design in a variety of mediums and fields. He specializes in sketching, drawing, airbrush, acrylics, and various mixed mediums. Though his BFA is in Medical Illustration (illustrating the human body inside and out), his professional artistic interests also include architectural design, engineering, drafting, product design, biological/nature art, and much more. He says he began teaching art back in the late 1900s and “feels genuine pride” watching students develop and succeed using his creative experiences and unique teaching techniques, learning as much from the students as they learn from him! Chris is a scuba diver, surfer, kayaker, and sailor, so much of his artistic interest includes aquatic life and beach style. Come say “Hello” to the new guy and try out one of his very unusual and fun workshops.


(Drawing/Watercolor/Colored Pencils/Mixed Media)

Mailee is an incredibly talented artist. She loves drawing animals, people and landscapes.








(Oil Painting/Drawing/Paint Nights/Mixed Media)

After graduating from Brigham Young University she focused her award-winning abilities as head stage set designer for Georgia Ballet Company and Sandy Arts Guild – Sandy Amphitheater.  She is excited to work with people who influence the world in a very positive way. 

Sonja Ervin.jpg
"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see"
Edgar Degas
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