Coming Events

Woodland Fairy Festival (May15th - June26th)

Fairy Parade begins at 12pm every Saturday. Face Painting and Fairy wand making all day!

Beginning Drawing Course (June 8th)


Learn the fundamentals of drawing in a warm, fun atmosphere. This course will prepare you for all of our other painting courses, including oil painting and watercolor. Have you ever wanted to put an idea in your head on paper, but can't get it to look the way you want? This drawing class will give you easy-to-use tools to bring your ideas to life. Together we'll learn the drawing basics of observation, shapes, contour, and proportion. Combined, you will finally be able to leave behind stick figures and draw what you see. 

Beginning Watercolors (June 5th)

$99.95 for 1 hour of detailed instruction. Check calendar for available time and dates.